Post -Natal Pre-Activity Health Questionnaire (PAR-Q form)

It is necessary to complete this medical form before attending the 1st class! 

By signing this form you are confirming: 

  • That you have had your 6-8 week check and permission by your GP to commence exercise. 
  • You are in good physical condition to exercise. 
  • You will follow the instructions given by your fully qualified exercise instructor in the CORRECT form to avoid injury and promote safe exercise that is suitable for postnatal needs. 

Please complete ALL sections of this form. The instructor will discuss with you any areas of concern.

YES to one or more questions*: You should consult with your doctor to clarify that it is safe for you to become physically active at this current time and in your current state of health.

NO to all questions: You can be reasonably sure that it is safe for you to participate in physical activity, gradually building up from your current ability level. 

I have read, understood and accurately completed this questionnaire. I can confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise, and my participation involves a risk of injury.

I am aware that I must feel well prior to each class, and I should inform my trainer if I feel unwell during the class. 

I am aware that I must inform my trainer if any of the above conditions have changed.


I understand that my participation and the safety of my child or children and myself are my responsibility. I understand that I have to ensure the safety and correct handling of my own child or children. I will ensure that my child or children do not come to any harm and is watched at all the times. It is my responsibility and not the fitness instructor’s to watch my child or children all the time.